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Belash Kalantari, EA, MBA
Tax Accountant , Internal Revenue Service Enrolled Agent 


Belash Kalantari Began his accounting career in January 2006. He started the it2modular ( Best American Tax )on May 1, 2006.
He is a graduate from University of Baltimore and W. Edwards Deming School of Business; he also attended Harvard school of Business. 
 His extensive back ground comes from Tax, Accounting, and IRS Resolution Services , he has represented many clients in an Audit and Tax represenatation. His  expertise has helped clients grow their businesses from a single location to enterprise level .His responsibility to his clients is to develop strategy to grow the business and capture marketshare both demograhically and geographically while maintaining a healthy profit,  customer satisfaction, high Attrition Factor, and Customer loyalty.
Belash constantly introduced new approaches, strategy , and Trend to increase both new Consumers and maintain the current customes satisfied. He strives in to constantly challenge the customer fro betterment of their business by showng them a new trend.  
He enjoys his challenges and outcomes.  Belash has many years of experience with both Small businesses and large enterprises ; from consulting  small retailers to multi location enterprises . He has experience with large project implementation such as school system and government project; Some of the prior customer interaction include Fairfax County Public School system , Baltimore City Government, State of Maryland Agencies , University System of Maryland, Virginia Government, Washington DC Court Systems, Arlington County Government, Harford County Government as well as small and large ratailers and franchises such as Ms Donald, Subways, 7-11, Carvel ,Maaco, and etc...
After 10 years working with Large enterprise public and private sectors, He started his own practice,  He is now focusing on helping his own clients from small businesses and entrepenuers to develop strategy to grow their ventures and be compliance with ever changing tax Laws. His current customers range from variety of industries such as Hospitality, Technology, Healthcare, Medical Practices,  Real Estate, Mortgage Companies , Distribution, Hospiotality , and etc...

Belash is a subject matter expert in area of Taxation for individuals, small busniesses, partnership , and coproations as well as representing clients in front of Internal Revenue Service and State and Local Tax Authorities. he also has proven record in grwo success  and coaching businesses. 
He practices  Federally so he can represent clients in all 50 States as well Foreign Taxation .   He has many years experience in area of accounting as well inlcuding complicated Accoutning Systems. Belash has shown proven record in helping his clients become successful Business owners.  
Belash is also Enrolled to practice before Internal Revenue Services by United State Treasury .   
Belash  is an incredibly generous individual who deeply cares about others. He has volunteered over 200 hours with Franklin Square Hospital’s cancer research department.  He aspires for greater knowledge and excellence in all aspects of his life. He is certified Culinary Chef ( as a Hobby), and Martial Artist in Chinese  tien Shan Pei and Shaolin Kung Fu  assisting in teaching young children the mastery of self control, leadership,  and harmony.
Belash was a previous member of board of Fairfax County Educational Foundation and Borad of Director of National society of Tax Professional . he is currently a member of the following organizations: 
  • American Society of Tax Problem Solvers
  • National Society of Tax Professional 
  • National Association of Tax Practitioner 
  • National Society of Enrolled Agent.  
 Belash now resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and his children.